The BBC1 “One Show” on high intensity exercise

10 Jan

Tonights “One Show” (BBC1) carried a bit on high intensity exercise. Apparently, some Scottish university has “just discovered” that high intensity exercise is more effective than moderate jogging in raising fitness levels and burning fat. “Davina” was also interviewed and gave helpful hints like: if you want to loose the bingo wings, do some arm exercises and if you are soon to be wearing a bikini, do the ab section of her new video.

Great for the Crossfit movement.

We have known this for years. In fact, Tabata ran basic experiments in the 1990’s, so I was a bit surprised to hear the university present this as, in any way, novel research. Equally interesting was the fact that Davina seems to know very little about exercise and fitness, and isn’t aware of the improbability of “spot loss”.

So, if you watch the BBC and want high intensity, effective weight loss, get yourself to a Crossfit Gym: there are loads in the UK, and world-wide.

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