WOD 26 Jan: Wall love and whipped dogs

26 Jan

Some people love walls so much that they will do anything to get close to them; even pretending to be doing “squat therapy” just to get a quick feel off a vulnerable wall.


Well anyway, once we had called the police, we got on with some snatch practice, followed by a really nasty WOD.

35 squats, 25 push ups 15 pull-ups x 7.

Times seven??? Oh, my giddy aunt. To save our members from themselves, we placed a 20 minute guillotine on this workout. Some got very near to 7 rounds but this workout whipped everyone as if they were dirty dogs.

See how others did back in May 2005

Crossfit Londeners being whipped like dirty dogs

Anyway, straight after we started work on my new pet project – back health!
I’m going to give everyone an indestructable back, and I don’t care if i kill you in the process:

simply lift your torso from the floor for 3 minutes

Get healthy or die trying!

3 thoughts on “WOD 26 Jan: Wall love and whipped dogs

  1. Horrid Cindy-style WOD!
    But was pleased to get my snatch back – thank you for the awesome and very specific coaching (as always) xxx

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