WOD 10th January Don’t stop moving!

11 Jan

As Christmas becomes a distant memory our minds gear towards new year resolutions.

With most of us wanting to get a bit fitter or trimmer today’s workout was a 40 minute slog of cardio. Fitting the mould for both the above.

We began with 15 minutes of slow squat practise firstly against the wall using a partner to support bad technique and form.

As a whole group and using pvc’s we loosened and mobilised the shoulders and practise a few OH squats sitting at the bottom for no less then 10 seconds. After 10 reps we were moaning and groaning under the strain of our inflexibilities. Practise make perfect gang!

The main wod was Cindy.

I prescribed a certain amount of rounds dependant on the individual athlete. My goal in mind was to hit 40 mins. Not wanting you horrible lot to get borded of to much Cindy we had a buy in.

The buy in was skipping with double unders in mind. With some of us not having spent our childhood skipping in the playground even a regular skip can be  a challenge.Making the double under even harder to get.

So for the competent skippers they had 4×100 unbroken skips and for the not so competent skippers 4×50 unbroken skips. Basically if you got to 48 but fluffed the 49th you had to go back to the beginning.

It took most around 8 minutes to reach the end of the buy in, at that point they were able to proceed with Cindy and their personal target of rounds. Eg Ruairi had 18-20 rounds while Danielle had 12 rounds and Matthew had 12-15 rounds

It took most of the group around 25-30minutes after all those skips to hit target.

At this point not wanting people standing round idle we had a cash out of 25 double unders. For thoses just getting to grips with DU’s it was a case of attempts and practise for at least 3-4 minute.

Wiped out after all that we had enough time for a stretch.

Well done to all. Mention to Liam for awesome double unders, Trevor and the never ending skipping…lol, Amelia for her none stop cheeriness while skipping her heart out and finally Sevan for tolerating my terrible name pronunciation I will get it I promise.

6 thoughts on “WOD 10th January Don’t stop moving!

  1. I wasn’t LOL-ing when I muffed up at 70 skips grrrrrr. But the motivational chalk notes did help me through when my chest could bear no more press ups, thanks Sal xx

  2. Lol Edd you should give me some of your ideas for some good motivational tracks and I will add them to the list.

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