WOD 13 Jan: Thoracic Frenzy

13 Jan

The thoracic region. Twelve vertebrae sitting just below your neck and just above your lower back. Important? You betcha.

We started today’s session by working through a number of drills to mobilise this area for many a good reason:

1) Combat all that slouching you do at your desk and to generally improve posture.

2) Make it easier for you to give me a proud chest when you’re doing deadlifts and other such wonderful movements. By keeping the movement around the thoracic healthy means better technique.

3) To ensure you don’t creak your neck or hurt your lower back. With the most amount of mobility of all the vertebrae groups if you are short on mobility in the thoracic then you’re more likely to borrow movement from other less mobile areas and risk hurting them.

4) Make your life easier. Guess what? Your workouts are going to be easier if you’re mobile. Squats, push jerks, deadlifts, kipping pull ups… if you can perform these movements better you’re rewarded with higher work capacity.

5) Awareness. By working through drills on a regular basis you’re going to find out just how mobile or, rather, immobile you are. Knowledge is power, blah blah blah. Know your limitations and do something about them.

6) After a little bit of digging, it seems that it’s also good for lung capacity. Well I’ll be damned – two more scoops of work capacity please!

I hope I’ve managed to justify dragging you all through such a long warm-up this morning. See I’ve got your backs. BACKS, geddit? Anyway…

Strength today was the push jerk 3-3-3-3-3-3 with an emphasis on keeping the weights a bit lighter and working technique if appropriate. This was followed up by a quick bit of turkish get up skill work and then finished off with a weighted plank competition. Well done to Edd for making it look far too easy, and Jennie who in second also looked relatively unfazed.

Following the sessions I was joined by Sally as we went through some trainer talk and then both did the workout for the evening class. My condolences to you all.


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  1. Helen and I training for the Synchronized Turkish Get-Up Olympic Team! Watch out 2012!

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