WOD 13th January: Feck! The Door won’t open!

13 Jan


Arriving with a wicked WOD under my belt, in the pouring rain my faithfull crew wait for me to open the door….uh oh my muscles fail me and I can’t open the door. Passing the task to the guys in the gang. They tried with all their might but something was stuck! Trying all methods of breaking and entry known to man, but still the door got the better of us.

We were even wondering if we could squeeze Simon through a window! We are Crossfitters: we won’t be defeated! But logic prevailed plus a bit of health and safety so the plan was abandoned.

Why do these things happen on my shift?

Called Andrew….double disaster a heater was on in the gym. Andrew shot down to join us, leaving his dinner to boil over.

Andrew tried, we even tried to break in through No. 10. Thanks Jay-Jay for letting us try, but no joy. All we could do was wait for the locksmith.

Finally at 7.35 the door was opened allowing the beginners class to proceed.

A BIG thanks to the 6.30 bunch for your patience. Your sessions have been refunded.

So much excitement for a Thursday evening!

Lesson to be learned…get a better lock for the door….!

4 thoughts on “WOD 13th January: Feck! The Door won’t open!

  1. Disappointed to miss the Bear! Do we know why it was stuck in the end, was it actually the lock?

    1. It wasn’t the lock, but the wood behind the strike plate. The increased condensation in the gym over the last couple of days caused the wood to swell by just enough to prevent the latch from releasing completely. We’ll take a chisel to it over the next couple of days.

  2. while this was one of those things, we do want to say sorry, and thank you for your patience. I’m sure sally can be persuaded to reset the bea….., if there was a burpee buy in.

    Thanks again to all those who tried to help, and thanks to the emergency locksmith who got there quite promptly, and in time to save the beginners session.

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