WOD 17th January ‘Growl’ its The Bear

17 Jan

Oh joy of joys its my fave mash up barbell complex The Bear.

With a packed out class tonight, H & S was high on the list.

Getting everyone organized in their own little domain was tricky but we got there.

Breezing into a warm up of swings and snatches got the blood flowing. Covering some of the finer points of the bear was the next task. Knowing the pain the Bear can inflict means that technique needed a refresher.

As a bench mark I checked out Joile’s effort on the main site and got a pretty good idea

Guys          Dolls

30kg            25kg

40kg            30kg

45kg            32.5kg

50kg            35kg

60kg            40kg

You read it right 5 monstrous rounds 7 reps in sequence of each exercise =1 round

So you want to know the sequence?

Power clean

Front squat

Push press

Back squat

Push press

Yep that transition from PP to BS to PP was heavy!!!

Me and Chris  knocked it out last week trying out the WOD for size. Chris smashed it in 21 mins while I managed 20 mins for the girls.

A few rules to remember…..

Touch and go – The bar can only rest at end of the round.

The power clean can be a squat clean but that doesn’t count as a front squat.

Front squat and PP can become a Thruster as you progress.

Last PP can become a push jerk as fatigue kicks in.

Elbow lock outs are a must over head.

Well Done to Brie as she had my undivided attention for the hour…no half measures when you’re solo!

All in all good work gang.

4 thoughts on “WOD 17th January ‘Growl’ its The Bear

  1. yay me! solo bear victory!

    (ps – sally is much gentler when you’re one-on-one don’t believe that tough exterior)

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