WOD 14 Jan: Hair flying and a dirty game

14 Jan

A beautifully varied evening that began with the dirtiest games of Crossfit London UK dodgeball I’ve ever seen. So many people, spread across so many groups, disregarding so many rules. I was shocked and stunned.

Hey ho, on with the WOD: a romantic date with Elizebeth.

21, 15, 9  squat cleans/ring dips, with some great performances by Edd, Tom and Ruarie. And solid performances from everyone else.

Helen is back in the swing, “lookin good”,  while Kate worked hard to fix her recently increased, but slightly wonky, clean: But as she explained “I like trapezoid shapes”.

It was Nick’s first ever WOD, so welcome on board, Nick.

We finished off with some snatch balances, and some snatch high pulls.

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  1. Nice Psychic ability Andrew, programming this the day before it appears on mainsite!

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