WOD 18 Jan: Complex… Another One

18 Jan
Not ANOTHER complex!

So I arrived this morning and wiped off Sally’s ‘Bear’ barbell complex from the previous evening. Only to replace it with another one as my fast and furious Tuesday morning met con.

Following the mobility warm-up work (new video to come soon), it was squats again: 5-5-5-5-5. Good to see some of the guys cut back on the weight and work their depth. Patience! And soon you will reap thy rewards.

Finally the met con: 7 rounds of 12 deadlifts, 6 hang power cleans and 3 push press. For those that went to the Monday night session it was unfortuantely another complex. Oh well.

A well done to new member Chris for being bombarded with lots of technique and picking it up well. Also nice to see Lara return from her holidays sporting one nice tan and making herself stand out amongst the pasty ones of the group i.e. me. Finally well done to Nadia, for not running away from me when it comes to deciding what weight for the met con knowing I won’t make life easy.


Chris contemplates the morning's met con

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