WOD 20 Jan: Look What I Got for Christmas!

20 Jan

Thursday morning kicked off with a some warm-up drills and then straight into weighted chins 5-5-5-5-5-5-5.

As I was bought a shiny new dip/chin belt for Christmas I thought it was time to revisit weighted pull ups/chins again. I was sure everyone would be fighting over it, but alas for the first few sets it was left on the gym floor as Alex and Ruairi decided to go for the band/kettlebell approach. HUMPH!!

Seeing my apparent unset at this, the belt was finally used in the later sets and all was right with the world again. A few variations were made on the workout. Trevor went for just bodyweight but aiming for chest to bar on every single repetition, Helen and Edd also went for bodyweight efforts with a little assistance, whilst Alex and Ruairi (and Lauri in the second session) used the resistence of free weights and kettlebells.

We then moved on to front lever progressions. Dishes, floor work and then a number of movements taking us ever closer to a front lever. Good spotting from everyone and some great efforts.

And they're off... Alex eyes up a sneaky overtake of Trevor

Just enough time for a finisher: three laps of the gym doing crab crawls. Good work Alex who moves suspiciously well as a crab and leaving the rest in his dust… second place to Helen. Not even a splinter could stop her – thank God Trev is prepared for any given sitution and quickly produced tweezers. A useful man to have around. Go TEAM!

Disaster strikes! Helen gets a splinter - Trevor and his tweezers to the rescue.

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