WOD 20th January Don’t stop moving 2

20 Jan

I am at the end of my January programming since I’m jetting off again to the sun this is my last Christmas burn off!

My plan for today was to keep moving for a good 30/40 minutes and feel the burn, keep the heart rate up and get the cardio feeling going on without having to pound the roads or touch a crosstrainer. We are Crossfitter’s we don’t do regular cardio!

I got the gang started with some double under practise for around 5 minutes to warm up the joints as its turning rather cold again…Brrrrr.

The session was cut into two WOD’s yes you got it two WOD’s.

First a good old fashioned circuit I called ‘Sally’s Magic Circuit of Fun’

The circuit included

wall balls, knees 2 elbow, pull ups, oh squats, light thrusters, snatch high pulls, hang snatches, ring dips

Most of the stations were all or nothing with the high pulls and the hang snatches as an active rest a bit slower then the rest to think technique.

We did two rounds of each exercise. One at 30 sec and then a full minute. I gave the gang 10 sec to move on and get set before running the clock again.

Not wanting to be too soft, within the minute circuit I choose at intervals to switch off the music at this point whoever was on the ball called out a number (some were kind some not so)  It was then burpees. With the threat of me calling out a number the gang made sure to get in there first.

A real great effort from everyone, loads of panting and groaning from all.

So I said we had twoWOD’s

Here goes number two.

A main site WOD which is prescribed with heavy deadlifts, but wanting to get everyone moving through quickly I adjusted the weight to light to mid weight.

Deadlifts 15

Handstand push ups 15

Pull ups 15

DB Thrusters 15

3 Rounds

…………..Leaving us 5 minute for a stretch.

Well done you horrible lot.

A mention for Cindy I will bring a smelly pair of socks…..if you don’t understand this reference then ask Cindy next time you see her!

I will try to bring back the sun and will see you all in a week.

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