WOD 4 January: First Day Back

04 Jan

The holiday is over. OVER! And so for the merry few that were brave enough to get back down to CrossFit London early this morning, they had the following waiting for them:

Shoulder Mobility Drills

Overhead/Strict Press 5-5-5-5-5

Kettlebell Clean & Press Practice

21-15-9: Kettlebell Clean & Press and Box Jumps

Welcome back Trevor and Helen who are once again fighting fit and brightening up the morning sessions once again. HOOray.

During Christmas week I took on a couple of morning and evening sessions – photos below. Well done to all who took time out from the festivities to make it to the gym. Quick mention for visiting CrossFitter Rob Martin, an Essex boy living in Majorca and about to open his own affiliate out there soon. Should you not be able to handle a holiday without a workout – head over there and look him up when he’s up and running.

Go Christmas TEAM!

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