WOD 6 Jan: Box Clever

06 Jan

Hail the box squat. Championed by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell. Used to promote hip strength, explosive power and good form. Also the meat of today’s workout.

We warmed up with bottom to bottom overhead squats with the dowel followed by leg swings and finally a bit of low-bar squat position practice.

Then on to Box Squats 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 (10 sets) with 45-60s rest between each set. See video below for example of one set. Ruairi shows very good technique – tight muscles throughout, reaching back with the hip keeping the shins vertical and powering straight up out of the bottom:


Look Mum, no knees!

Following this was skill work of ring push ups, working through a number of variations for sets of 10. From normal to jackknife to one-legged. Some more difficult than others, though everyone showed some great efforts despite a few splats.

Finally the beloved finisher – weighted sit ups. Two kettlebells at the end of two extended arms and 50 repititions as quickly as possible.

Well done everyone. Go TEAM!

3 thoughts on “WOD 6 Jan: Box Clever

  1. Chris, whats the relationship between your 1 rep max squat and the box squats?

    And how do they fit in to programming for someone who wants to achieve a 1 rep max back squat target?

    Would love to join your classes but Im already at work by then, cheers !

  2. Trev, your pain is visible in the last photo above. My work here is done.

    Efe, as a strategy for improving your 1 rep max, you can work in some box squats say once a week in conjunction with some submax work e.g. Monday 5’s or 3’s and Friday’s box squats for hip power or dynamic effort for speed.

    I’m experimenting with this at the moment as Westside swear by box squatting and you can’t train with maximal weights all the time and expect to recover adequately.

    Use 50%-60% of your 1 rep max but get savvy with the technique. Some coaches like Rippetoe are much more careful with box squats than Simmons seems to be due to the risk of spinal compression: must be very careful with contact to the box.

    That said, box squats are excellent at teaching good technique especially squatting below parallel. They are also used to work through sticking points in the squat and so different height boxes can be used both below and above parallel (Simmons recommending changing box height every 3 to 4 weeks). Keep the weight light to begin with and perfect your technique.

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