WOD: Jan 9: Energy Abound

09 Jan

WOD: Jan 9 Energy Abound.

Sidenote: After training on Sunday I usually grab a bite to eat at Nando’s up Bethnal Green Road. (It caters to both the Zone and Paleo conscious among us.) Anyone is welcome to come join me afterwards to talk shop. Be warned: should something intelligent be discussed, I might decide to write about it.

Sunday, there was an overabundance of energy and enthusiasm. (Which is apparently not applicable to your coach who was slightly tardy with his blog post.)

After a very basic and easy base skill warm up, we moved on to the WOD:

15-12-9 (20 min cap)

Front Squats

Weighted pull ups

The weight assigned was “As heavy as you dare.” with the understanding that you should be picking something that would make you suffer for most of the alloted time. Anyone who finished in under 10 minutes would therefore not have picked the appropriate weight to finish the WOD. Bonus points were given to those who made the work out more interesting with creative weight usage.

One or two athletes realized that they might have underestimated the weight they could handle, and proceeded to very quietly add weight mid WOD to increase the difficulty. This I was pleased with.

After the Front Squat/weighted pull up combo.  Everyone had to complete another 36 Push Press to gauge whether their biggest weakness was in either the pull ups, the front squat or the pressing. Apparently, I’m losing my touch, because during the Push Press both Simon and Cian decided to add in some box jumps as “rest.” Energy Abound indeed!

What is the world coming to?

Bolstered by the impressive amount of drive shown by everyone (especially considering the fact that it was a Sunday.) We finished off class with a set of Tabata Push ups and Sit ups.  Well done to everyone and thanks for the interesting conversation at lunch afterwards.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Most Unfazed”: To Simon, who really didn’t seem at all bothered during any aspect of Sunday’s training and decided to make it a little tougher than it needed to be.

You mean you don't normally train in a weight vest?
You mean you don't normally train in a weight vest?

“Stepping in it.” To Colm, for not realizing that if he squatted with a vest on, he was expected to do pull ups with a vest on as well.

“Objective Observer.” To Ken, who came to his first group class with me after training in PT for a while and remarked, “You really are much nicer to them.”

“Lone defender.” To Jenny, for maintaining the high standard of the Crossfit london uk women, even when outnumbered 5:1.

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