WOD: January 11 Exposure Therapy.

12 Jan
WOD: January 11 Exposure Therapy.

I’ve been thinking a lot about finding and exposing weakness in technique or physical ability lately. I figured a decent way of exposing my weakness would be to split up Fran into its base skills, following the same rep scheme, and seeing where I had the most issues.

As it turns out, the workout I thought I was going to breeze through ended up kicking my ass. How badly is something I will go into in another post.

After some base work on overhead squats, double unders and regrips we moved on to the WOD.

Push Press
Front Squat
Pull ups

I had done this workout with 45 KG and recommended that weight or more for the guys doing it, and 20 KG for the girls. Upon first glance, the general reaction was, “What? Is that it?”. This workout snuck up on everyone, myself included. The idea was to see which movement pattern, or aspect of the workout caused the most issues. In that, it succeeded very well. A few athletes were very surprised to find what movement pattern gave them issues and which one they breezed through, or how heavy the weight actually was after a few reps, or even how quickly they gassed out when trying to maintain a quick pace.

To follow up the workout, everyone had 6 attempts to hit a 1 RM deadlift, something difficult enough to do under normal conditions, and  infinitly harder to do after the WOD.

I was pleased with everyone’s performance from last night, and impressed with the display of mental fortitude by some atheletes I hadn’t expected it in. Very well done to everyone. Don’t forget to do your homework.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Braveheart” To Kate O’Sullivan. For having the determination to crush the workout. Very impressive display of mental fortitude.

“Pacing is for other people.” To Yuri. Who realized that pacing, and as a result, breathing, is something to worry about post-WOD.

“Bambi no more.” To Kirsty. Who got rid of her bambi knees and can squat, thruster and deadlift very solidly.

“Light as a feather.” To Matthew. Who had pushed through the push press at heavier weight then he was used to with no problem.

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