WOD: January 23: Cruel. So Cruel.

23 Jan

WOD: January 23: Cruel. So Cruel.
Today was an easy day of training. Nothing too hard. At least, nothing like Saturday. As everyone noticed as per Colin’s post, Saturday involved a lot of SDHP. Enough that it would be considered cruel and unusual to have more SDHP on Sunday.

Which is exactly what happened. Because trainers, like life, have a cruel and unusual sense of humor.

We started off with some overhead squats (as per usual) with Max strict pull ups and some kettlebell swings. After some minor tweaks and shoulder engagment, we moved straight on to 3 rep front squats. The main focus being wrist placement and the rack position. A few changes were made, but overall everyone fought to grip the bar instead of letting their hands open up and ending up in an uncomfortable wrist postion.

Everyone had fun with some more time under tension work, again with front squats, hammering out 1 minute of work and 1 minute of rest for a total of 4 rounds. Enough to prepare everyone for the WOD and to reinforce their positions at the bottom of the squat as well as their grips.

The WOD was an easy couplet:
AMRAP: (Originally 20 mins cut down to 10 mins due to time.)
10 SHDP (45KG or 30KG)
10 Ring Dips
Doing the WOD at 45 KG means that the power output is lower (unless you’re Efe.) but doesn’t let you get away with using your arms. If you don’t use your hips, you don’t move the bar for long. The added bonus is that your posterior chain takes a beating having to control the weight at higher rep. Doing the WOD at 30 KG means that you can maintain a much higher power output because it allows you to use your arms. Not necessarily an advantage when you have to do ring dips right afterwards. As a general rule the ring dips were the weaker of the two movements so the combination meant that even if your SDHP’s were spot on, you were going to suffer hitting full range of motion in the ring dips.
It had just the right blend of horror that makes my workouts hilarious.
Sorry for posting late and see everyone tonight.

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