WOD: January 25th: Tabata Tuesday Agony.

25 Jan

WOD: January 25: Tabata Tuesday Agony.

It’s Tuesday, and there’s a tabata  on the board. It must be time to weep again.

I was feeling in particular fine form today and felt like sharing my joy and enthusiasm with everyone. The easiest way to do this is of course, using the tried and true tabata. But not without brutally crushing everyone before hand.

The base skills we worked on today were squat cleans, ring dips and double unders. The general level of double unders is slowly improving, which means that all your suffering is serving it’s purpose. Soon, you might even be able to test your double under skills in the worst case senario, possibly in a WOD with a triple digit double under count? It could happen. It could also happen relatively soon. Remember: I care.

After our work on our skills, we moved straight to overhead squats. Overhead squats are a skill that I drill mercilessly, mainly because they’re hard. They’re very good at developing spatial awareness, control in the overhead position and they’re an integral part of the Snatch. Hence, everyone will get a decent overhead squat if it kills them. Although we’ve been working on low weight high reps for the past few weeks, today was a 3 RM day. Go figure, higher weight tends to make people suffer, however the overall ability demonstrated by the various classes was not overtly insulting. (I can’t give a general compliment. I have a reputation to uphold.)

And then the WOD:
Strict Press (20 KG)
Front Squat (20 KG)
Pull Ups (Strict as long as possible before using assitance.)
Double Unders

Oh the agony. The Fundamentals. Again. With the double unders at the end. Why on earth would anyone do this to themselves? The Tabata protocol is brutal, but attempting it with too heavy a weight can limit the power output of an athlete. Doing it at very low weight means that the reps should come out easily. Not the case. The strict press and the front squat are bad but they aren’t that bad. The pull ups are brutal. And to top it off: Double unders. Fun trend in the class. Everyone had issues in the first few rounds while they recovered from the pull ups. By round 4, everyone had caught their rhythm and finished off in style. Well done.

Arbitray Awards:
“Grade A” To Ben: Who trains in his garage with some friends. And not only crushed the 5:30 class but completely destroyed the overhead squat record of the day, setting the bar with 80KG. Whatever he’s eating, I want some.

Still kicking post WOD
Still kicking post WOD

“The Big Boys.” To Alex, Liam and Pat: Whats worse then tabata at 20 KG with a barbell? Tabata at 24 KG using a kettlebell. Unless you’re scary and have guts to spare.

“Accidental Badass.” To Adrienne: Who had loaded 27 KG on her bar before the pre-WOD double check.
“Best Bunny Hop” To Liam, who merits special mention for his technique for getting over barbells. Very creative.

3 thoughts on “WOD: January 25th: Tabata Tuesday Agony.

  1. 80kgs Overhead Squat!? Sick…looking forward to this WOD with three digit double unders! Perhaps The Bull or something? 😉

  2. Phil – Thanks for all the overhead squat stuff in the last few weeks. My snatch is already less pitiful than it has been. It’s really helped my balance and confidence to have heavy stuff over my head 😉

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