WOD January 30th

30 Jan

Today was the first day of the new double WOD schedule. In true Sunday form, while both classes were fully booked when I checked the night before, they were only about half full when class actually rolled around.

Mysterious isn’t it? 😛

I decided to use the first class as my test subjects (as any good tyrant does.) to test different methods of skill work and methods of correction, mainly by using death by SDHP as a way to refine technique. Unfortunately, as with any new protocol in the mists of testing, there were some casualties. I offer my congratulations to the 10:30 class, your sacrifice will be remembered.

The WOD today was a slight modification off the main site:
AMRAP 15 mins vs 3 rounds for time of:

12 muscle ups
75 squats
36 pull ups
36 push ups
75 squats.

The crossfit substitution for muscle-ups is 3 reps of pull ups/ring dips per muscle up and that’s the rep scheme in use. However, unless an athlete has an impressive number of strict push ups under their belt, working on ring dips is a bit superfluous. Back to basics it is and we are all the better for it.

Arbitrary Awards:
“The Outlier” To Alex: Not only did he manage to complete the WOD using strict muscle ups, he was able to do so after drinking a liter of milk before class without being violently ill. Never thought I’d see the day.

“Sugarholics Anonymous” To Colm: The first step on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

“Survivors”: To the 10:30 class, with special mention to Matthew and Cian. You made it through the horrible testing phase and are better people for it. (Or that’s what I’ll say if I’m ever questioned in any case.)

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