WOD January 31: Death by Double Unders

31 Jan

WOD January 31: Death by Double Unders

Following the trend of fake coaches, I filled in for Sally on the Monday class. Double unders are one of the skills I tend to practice them most, they’re relatively simple when compared to the olympic lifts, and they aren’t too far off from single skips. But as Ben so eloquently put it, you think you know how to skip, and then you try double unders and you realize you don’t know a thing.

Today’s WOD served to emphasis that point fully:
Double Unders
Sit ups

My usual sub for double unders is either double the amount of single skips or tuck jumps. Considering that half the group can make Rocky look like an amateur when they skip rope, I’m officially modifying my scaling to triple the amount of skips or tuck jumps. The sit ups actually caused some degree of issue, which is surprising considering that everyone had their feet anchored. Rest assured, we will address this. Remember: I care.

Our fun strength work today sounded very simple: 4 rounds. Ten or less pull ups, and then dead hang for 1 min. Rest 1 min. If you dropped during the min of pull ups, you had to air squat as fast as possible until the end of the round. Repeat with Ring dips for 4 rounds.

It sounds really easy and the first round usually is. After that, everyone starts to drop like flies. Grip strength is an important component of training ability and the pull ups and ring dip positions are key to a proper muscle up.

Good Job and see everyone Tuesday.

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