WOD: January 4th. Baby Steps

05 Jan

WOD: January 4th. Baby Steps

Today was the first day back to our normal programming at Crossfit. As noted by more than a few of tonights athletes, I was particularly benevolent today. Did I develop sympathy during the holidays? Hardly. But I know a few weeks away from training takes it’s toll. Baby steps are needed.
After a breezy set of Overhead Squats and Kettlebell swings we hopped straight to the WOD.
AMRAP 15 mins
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Cleans
6 Push Presses
The goal of todays WOD was to work on all the components of the clean and jerk separately. There was enough volume and enough intensity that after a minute, it was easy to see where everyone’s weaknesses were and correct it either by modifying the technique, stripping weight until technique improved, or a combination of both.
For the majority, the weight used during the WOD was limited by their push press. The lucky 5:30 class was a small enough group that they were able to suffer through with two sets of barbells. One heavier one for the deadlifts, and one lighter one for the hang cleans and push presses. Rest assured, a good time was had by all.
After the WOD we moved on to Pull ups, with groups working on either weighted pull ups and weighted negatives, or kipping pull up variations. As most of the class lost the ability to close their hands thanks to the WOD, hanging on to the bar became a fun excercise in and of itself.
Aribtrary Awards:
“Into the Fire.” To Colm: Because of a tender back, Colm wasn’t able to deadlift. However, in his own words, thrusters and pull ups were ok. Lucky him, he got to do Fran.
“Most Noted.” To Mark, who came back from his vacation looking particularly tan, to which everyone commented.
“Most Cautious:” To Simon, who during the warm up asked, “Is that it?” as tentetavly as possible.
“Non Conformist” To Joy, who was the only one in the 6:30 NOT wearing blue inov-8 shoes. Because she is her own person, just like everyone else.

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