WOD 29 & 31 Mar: My Quads Are On Fire

31 Mar

Tuesday Session

It was a ‘kill-me-now-not-another-squatting-movement’ kind of affair on Tuesday, we followed up the strength component with a metcon containing full cleans. And a little finisher: a 3 min squat test. Burn little quads, BURN.

Mobility: table makers, deep lunges and clean drills

Strength: back squat 5-5-5+

Metcon: 4 Rounds: 10 cleans, 20 pull ups

Finisher: 3 min squat test

Thursday Session

Lots of strength on today’s session and finishing off with a nasty little finisher. Some good work on the snatch balances or for those that needed it just a few overhead squats to polish up on this movement.

Mobility: arm/neck circles, dislocations, leg swings, overhead squats

Strength: deadlift 5-5-5+ and weighted chins 5-5-5+

Skill: snatch balance 3-3-3

Finisher: catapillar hold tabata


WOD 30 March: Nasty Night

30 Mar

As always it doesn’t look that bad on paper.

10 pull ups,
10 dips
10 squat snatches

x 5.

I  hate to rip Phil Rolling off, but, arbitrary awards go to:

“Two times man” Colm, who did this WOD in the morning, and came back for a second dose in the evening,

“Top Girl” title  goes to Amelia who managed an “awful lots of unassisted kipping pull ups”

and finally, the “you should have learned by now” award goes to Phillip for the  “that will never take 20 minutes” comment…

Good stuff.

Running Night at Bethnal Green

29 Mar

The running club for non runners met up again this Tuesday. Once again the session consisted of drills for proper running technique, plus a short and sharp little running workout to wrap things up!

As with anything practicing these drills on a regular basis will yield results over time, please be patient with it as it takes drilling as well as some intense running to make the technique stick.

For hints on some of the basic drills, read here

As for the workout, the team had to establish how many shuttle runs of 10 metres they could do in a minute, then set themselves a target based on that. Over 5 rounds of 1 minute of work and a minute of rest, the runners aimed to hit their target consistently ( i.e. maintain a consistent pace). The consequence of missing your commitment I hear you ask? Burpees of course!

Props to Chris for pushing the envelope and setting himself the awesome target of 20 runs! You’re not pushing yourself if your not failing, and Chris racked up 7 burpees from 7 missed runs. Everyone else hit their targets with no penalty so I thought it was only fair that we all did Chris’s burpees along with him.

Next week will be talking about the concept of cadence and how it relates to running technique, and if weather allows getting in some longer runs around the park trying to set a 400m benchmark!

(A great session delivered by the Crossfit London UK Endurance team captain Efe)

WOD March 29: Decending ladders and Squat cleans.

29 Mar

Ah, the Humble Tuesday.

Not as bad as Monday. No quite as far down the week as Wednesday. Everyone is still fresh and excited about training.

Obviously the best time to engage in all out soul crushing.

After some light mobility of hip and shoulder prep we got on to the seriousness.

2×5 and 1×5+ of shoulder press. Nice and easy. The chance to lull everyone into a false sense of security. Shoulder press? HA! Laughable Phil. Your softness knows no bounds.

Obviously, you underestimate me.

Mini WOD:

On the first min, 5 reps then 4 second min, down to 1 rep.

Weighted pull ups

Weighted Ring Dips

Low and behold, the horror: Weighted ring dips? What!?

And while everyone is still reeling:


12 min AMRAP

7 Squat Cleans

7 Push ups

Short, sweet and brutal.

I had been a little over zealous with my squat clean weight and spend a good portion of my time trying to remember how to breath. Excellent fun. Scaling down the weight didn’t help anyone because that just meant they could do more work, faster. Normally a good thing, but with squat cleans, not so much. Plus, 12 minutes is a short enough time that you figure you can breath when you’re finished.

Post WOD? The gym looked like a massacre and I had reaffirmed my title of tyrant.

My work here is done. See everyone Sunday.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Clean Fail.” To Efe. For having a child like glee in throwing chalk on the floor after he trained. Which lead to a “Chalking the floor is not cleaning.” discussion. (Still hilarious.)

“Bringing back the Hood.” To Joe and Simon. For “Flavor Flav”-ing it up on the weighted pull ups and ring dips. Best use of a rappers name as a verb.

“Not so Gumby are we?” To Adrienne. Apparently the only female at Crossfit London who isn’t inherently flexible, much to the delight of all of the guys (myself included.) who have to suffer every time we hip prep for anything.

WOD Sat 26th & Mon 28th Post Catch up

29 Mar

On Saturday I had the responsibility of leading Colin’s classes.

I didn’t want to disappoint his faithful Saturday crew so I decided to keep it simple but still challenging.

I begun the sessions with a few mobility drills in the glorious spring weather.

Samson walking lunges, lunges + shoulder rotations, heel to bum kicks, backward jogs, finished with a sprint.

Moving into the gym we blitzed some pvc overhead squats and grabbed the racks.

Our session today comprised of Overhead squats and Fronts Squats at maximal strength.

We begun with Overhead squats.

3 warm ups sets – barx5, 3 with some weight, 3 with some more weight.

Our working sets were 5×1. Since it was unlikely for many to have a precise max strength we allowed ourself to add as needed throughout the working sets. Rest was set at 2 minutes between sets.

Continuing the theme we followed this with front squats again 5×1.

As we had a better idea of our limits with front squats there was not much adding on through the working sets. Rest was more like 3 minutes.

The girls did particularly well with their overhead squats, making good gains and Ed producing some really well improved overhead squats (they have never been his fave)

On to Monday.

With so much excitement going on in my house at the moment I hope you can forgive me for using the same morning program Steve had set.

His warm up was a lovely ladder of push press (bar) and push ups on a barbell.

The barbell push ups required more stability and nerve to ensure the barbell stayed put.

Pressing was again on the cards with that clean for fun.

Sets were as follows 2×5 and 1×5

Ronnie did really well smashing her previous target of 12.5kg by miles.

Skill practise followed with some window wipers. With most not quite there yet we did some spotting so at least the body got an idea of what it’s working toward. Not content with just that we did a few L holds on the rings.

Steve left the best till last……a spot of tabata front squats. Lovely after burning quads from the L holds.

Think all can safely say they loved the Tabata front squats Whoop.

Late cancelling

27 Mar

We’ve noticed that classes get booked up early these days, sometimes over a week in advance. Unfortunately, a lot of last minute cancellations also happen (often only an hour before the class begins). It can be very frustrating for other Crossfit London members, who really want to attend a class and are prevented from doing so.

With the move to the new, larger gym at Malcom Place, there can be a small increase in class spaces available. However, the problem of last minute cancellations will probably still continue.

At the moment, you can cancel up to an hour before without being charged a fee. There’s been a suggestion that this guillotine is moved to 6 hours before the start of class ie: if you had booked into a 7.30pm class, you’d have to cancel by 1.30pm the same day or be charged. Ditto with a 6.30am class – you’d have to cancel that one by half past midnight.

Should the cutoff point be 3, 6, 12 or even 24 hours before the class time? We would like your suggestions and feedback on how to deal with this issue, so that all the members get a better chance of getting into the classes they want.


The “GT” pull up bar…

27 Mar

From this day forth, the pull-up bar system in the main room of Crossfit London’s New Blackboard Gym in Malcolm Place will be know as the “GT”, in honour of the system’s creators: our very own Grant  and Trevor.

A fantastic day’s work (by them, while Steven and I looked on) resulted in a pull-up bar system endorsed by Martin, Phil and Simon.

High praise indeed!

We managed to carry over the  GHD from the the old gym, gather a lot of funny looks from passers by.

Wods, Wednesday and Friday 23/25 March

26 Mar

In the throes of organising the “big move”.

This seems to have reduced my capacity for fun.  I took some unbelievably humorous and amusing photos. Cannot be bothered to exploit them.


So I got Efe and Tom in this side splittingly  amusing  scenario, preparing for Wednesdays weighted pull ups. Can I be bothered to  giggle: snigger, make a funny caption?


Arranging waste transfer deals, talking to the rates department and printing out Ordnance Survey maps has denuded me of humour

Oh dear….

Well, sleepwalking on from this apathy, via Tower Hamlets planning department, (that is full of lovely people, but Im just not that into planning,) and  inbetween finishing the 2010 accounts, I somehow stumbled on Wednesday. We had some sort of strength component  followed by a new Crossfit London UK  wod  of,4,3,2,1,

kettlebell turkish get ups/ring dips.

It was Ok. I suppose

Dragged myself to Friday ( ie  pulled myself.. not dressed up in woman’s clothing) where I thought we ought to prepare for heavy squat cleans. So after some other strength stuff : it was, choose a heavy weight that you can clean at least 3 of in the first minute, then as many squat cleans as you can in 2 minutes, followed by 2 minutes rest x 4.

Was horrible! Well done Samir and Ryan

Whilst talking to our electricity suppling I began facing the stark reality that the new changing rooms are due to arrive on the morning of 1st April…Well, if thats not a prophetic warning about the comedy value of attempting to swing a one and a half tonne changing room off a lorry drop it on some rollers and push it into another railway arch… i dont know what is..

Bile in the entrails of a sacrificed dove, presumably.

Well, at least we dont have to worry about taking Sunday off, because its “making-the-new-pull-up-bar-system-in-Malcolm-Place-Day”, while struggling with the theft of an hour in bed, stolen by an uncaring coalition government

Prepares you for any challenge.
Doesn’t stop you from whining.

WOD 24th March Burpee Challenge Covered!

25 Mar

I must be getting soft now I am a married women as I was feeling in a generous mood with you horrible lot tonight.

After following the strength program from this morning of back squats I had a lovely main site WOD up my sleeve full of Burpees!

First the back squats.

We run through mobility to start with, getting joints ready for action.

Warm up sets were as follows:


Weight added

Weight added

Working sets consisted of 2×5 and 1×5+

I gave 4 minute rest in between sets where athletes had the choice of chin ups.

Now for the fun bit.

The main site WOD was from Tuesday this wk. It went like this……………

70 Burpees

60 Sit ups

50 Kb Swings

40 Pull ups

(30 HSPU We saved the HSPU for the advanced members of the class)

Well Done to everyone a mention to Sammy with an impressive squat weight verses body weight. Whoop for the girls.


WOD 22 & 24 Mar: Team Frog

24 Mar

Sessions this week went as follows:

Tuesday was Press 5-5-5+ followed by a 10 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) met con of 8 deadlifts and 16 double unders. As you can see from Nadia’s reaction below – those skipping ropes can carry quite a bite. We ended the session with a 4 min squat test.


Thursday was Squat 5-5-5+ followed by some frog stands into planche progressions. A few collapses but lots of excellent efforts. You guys looked so frog like, it was scary. Truly.

And finishing off with max ring dips straight into max push ups and then a quick set of negative chins. Remember to check out Mum-to-be Sally’s blog. Go TEAM.

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