12 Mar

Back for a full house, well I hoped, but Mayor Boris and TFL had other ideas. I was so confounded by the rail and tube closures I actually gave up and jumped on the motorbike! Well done to all who struggled in.

What did we do today. Well we de-constructed the Burpee. This was recently done at a coaches academy and I had my eyes opened to the purpose of the burpee and how it can translate into other functional movements we perform in Crossfit.  There were some issues over a very strict form and a healthy debate started which I hoped for.  This lead on nicely to the “Form and Edge” discussion which was already very handily illustrated on the second black board.  Once this was digested then on to the WOD

Air Squats  80 60 40 20

Push Press 20 40 60 80

The suggested weight for push press was 30kg and 20kg men and women.  This is very high reps and emphasised the Form and Edge would play a very big part in this WOD. When I first did this I went with 40kg and soon regretted that! Hence the revised weight suggestions. This WOD should be about 20 minutes.

I love how we always do the maths on these: 200 reps of each, 400 reps in total and if you went with 30kg you pushed 6000kg over your head. That makes you feel awesome!

We finished with 50 ring dips

I saw some strange reverse curling of the bar today. We will be looking at our cleans very soon.

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