..and another thing, I don’t know how to use my i-phone…

09 Mar

I’m not sure if it’s me (I’m assured, it is!), but once I’d unloaded tonight’s video clips onto i-movie, everyone looked as if they were in a hall of mirrors in front of the fat mirror. Petite, lovely girls’ bottoms expanded to fill whole continents….. sort of funny, but life-threatening if I’d published any.

So I slung the whole lot into the trash. Quashed creativity. You have missed emotion-packed scenes as tonight’s sufferers were put through

5 x 1 minutes of shuttle runs, with 1 minute rest
aiming for 25 shuttles per minute

Followed by deadlifts: sets of 5. Always fun.

Followed by weighted chins/pull ups, 6 to 8 sets of 2.

Then it was onto the main WOD, a 12 min AMRAP of
7 squat cleans,
7 knees-to-elbows,

followed by a half-Tabata of squat jumps. NASTY.

Well done all. Sorry about the lack of film and photos. Next time…

2 thoughts on “..and another thing, I don’t know how to use my i-phone…

  1. Awesome session.

    Really enjoying the Badger preparation and strength components in the workouts

    I feel like i’ve been run over by a bus this morning!

  2. Shuttle runs suck – especially when my usual turning circle is Essex!
    Loving these pre-Badger mash-ups. And very pleased to get a chin-up with the skinniest band.

    Thank you, baby!

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