“And the winner of the best protein powder is…”

14 Mar

Protein powder can be used for many things: upping protein content, putting down people’s t-shirts to make them itch, mixing and leaving, and from my experience, buying and leaving in the whey (geddit “way”, “Whey”) or at the back of a cupboard taking up valuable storage space.

I distrust protein powder as it used to be a toxic waste product from the dairy industry, until someone discovered that body builders would pay to drink it. Who knew? ( Is this distrust, or envy of a great business idea?)

Anyway, I suppose it’s good to have  a pot around the house for those bad, “oops I forgot my protein intake” days. So, here is the question: Do you use protein powder?  If so what type, how much does it cost, does it taste like poo, is it easy to mix where did you get it from…blah, blah, yadda, yadda!

Please feel free to add other features,  like it has a free gift, it’s flammable, kills mice etc.

If we can come up with a genuinely recommended shortlist, we will try and get a Crossfit London UK discount for you!

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13 thoughts on ““And the winner of the best protein powder is…”

  1. I use Whey and Casein from MyProtein.co.uk. Very reasonable prices (much better than Maximuscle etc.) and good tasting products.

    I try and get my protein from whole foods, but I am conscious that sometimes I don’t get enough in due to time/lack of hunger/lack of wanting to spend so much on food.

    It’s also very handy straight after a WOD when you really need to get a decent mixture of protein/carbs.

    The Casein is useful if you are embarking on a fast for a period of time and want to ensure you have a bit of a dripfeed of protein.

  2. I have used protein powder for many years as i’m a vegetarian not able to eat nuts and seeds and don’t eat soy for health reasons.
    I used to have designer whey many years ago as it tastes like ice cream but was full of additives so changed to ON 100% natural whey with no additives which was also yummy but they more or less stopped selling it in the UK.
    At the moment, i use Reflex natural whey (well if you can call it that) but it tastes like cardboard but does do what it says on the tin. I have it with my porridge in the morning instead of milk…
    I think i get mine from Monster supplements and always buy the 2+ kilo sizes as it makes more economic sense.

  3. I’ve used Myprotein.com too. Got some from them a long time ago, and just the weekend decided to get some more – 5kgs for £40. Seems to still get decent reviews and post their lab results certificates.

  4. I use myprotein.com as well and throw some glutamine and spurilina in as well, i really notice the difference in recovery when I dont take it.

  5. Anything by PHD – actually mixes up into something approaching a liquid, and has as these things go a reasonable taste.

  6. I can honestly say that since stopping taking protein supplements the only difference I have noticed is the size of my poos are a lot smaller.

  7. FYI. whey isn’t toxic, if we recall little miss muffet fell off her tuffet not because of a toxic by product called whey poisoned her but because a spider scared her.

  8. You may be interested to read about Sunwarrior Protein, At 85% protein, Sunwarrior has the highest (non soy) raw (not heated over 90 degrees) whole grain sprouted vegan protein on the market.

    Not the best taste alone but mixes well with vegtable or fruit juice.

    Available in the UK from http://www.aggressivehealthshop.com

  9. Are there any other supplements that people would recommend (excluding horse medicines)? I tried creatine when I was running track and all it did for me was a pulled hamstring and wanting to go for a pee every 5 minutes. Colin you seem pretty sceptical about the whole supplement business.

  10. Hi Colm,

    I think the issue was that until the mass whey protein market came along, all farmers could do was dump the excess whey that came from mass dairy production, and they needed specialist permission/ or contractors, which was expensive. So “they” say

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