Back To Basics

19 Mar

Saturday 19th March 2011

Last Saturday I brought the Skillz and Drillz sessions back and we took a long look at the push press correcting lots of common faults.  This week we looked at the clean. The middle third of the clean and jerk. A fine and technical skill practiced as a sport to world and Olympic standards.  Common faults are not having correct spacing of the feet, they should be under your hips, when starting.  Having a correctly closed hip when in “pockets”. Once this is corrected making sure the hip is fully opened with a massive shrug before pulling on the bar and keeping the bar close to the body. NO REVERSE CURLING. We did a little pressure drill where I stood in front with a PVC pole close to your face to focus on keeping the bar close to the body.

Once we all had a chance to practice this we moved onto the WOD

15 minute AMRAP of

6 Hang Power Cleans

10 Clapping Press Ups/Press Ups.

I wanted a load that meant as you got tired you had to pause after two or three reps to briefly rest. Anyone getting into double figures did very well.

We finished with an Afterparty of weighted lunge walks down the alley and back taking in the glorious sunshine.

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