Eat a bug a day: insects and paleo

19 Mar

A long time ago, when I was  being rude about  the Paleo diet, , I remember saying.”well lets see the hard core paleo  guys eat bugs then, cause thats paleo, that is”. Gosh I can be difficult and truculent !

Well. eating  small crawling things that make girls shriek is now becoming trendy. I even caught this article in the Metro recently “Eating insects provides an alternative to meat. It’s bug-a-go-go”

As Im terribly influenced by fashion, ( giggle) Im off to buy  some insects to eat from Thailand Unique. Im not sure how to cook them, or if they are a good supplier or not (it was linked to in the metro article: this is not a recommendation yet!), but  if crunching on an ants skull is your idea of fun, these guys can help ( apparently)

But if we need protein and our meat is becoming so toxic it jumps up and chases you around the kitchen ( or is so full of water that you could squeeze it over your head as a mini shower) , why not have a rummage around the back of your sink , see what you can find, whip up a nice sauce and dunk away. Yum yum.

So insect munchers, sound off, give us your recipes, tell us if we can eat house flies ( or was that just that solicitor in Dracula)  or  suck on  garden worms,  and can we pour a garlic sauce over the snails you find in the garden and be sophisticated… or is that just niave and yuk.

So More links about where to buy bugs, complaints from the Bug Liberation Army, should bugs have the vote …. PURLEEZ

Remember, the next time your girlfriend screams  that there is a spider in the bath, grab  the parmesan shaver.

I love writing about the paleo diet: Hmm,  thinking of the zone, I wonder how many maggots are  in a block

We will attempt to serve an (additional, trail/taster)  insect buffet at the  may Crossfit London UK party…yuk

7 thoughts on “Eat a bug a day: insects and paleo

  1. not totally paleo but ants in mash potato and worm sandwiches are very tasty….

  2. Not on the paleo diet, but tried to eat insects a few years back. Stir-fried locusts are supposed to be delicious and a little like prawns. They’re also quite cheap. (Monkfield Nutrition and Blades Biological breed and sell them… for reptile food, but still.) Yummy, extra protein, etc.

    Unfortunately, I discovered I’m violently allergic to locusts. The hospital allergists told that quite a few people have insect allergies, but simply don’t know it.

  3. this is actually one of those threads im going to regret starting. Whenever i start think about eating something “buggy: i start gagging. Jan, great info.

    Is that “Jan” jan ( writer)

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