Endurance War Tour Presentation

01 Mar

Hi all, Crossfit Endurance Dropped us the following message

“We wanted to remind everyone of the Endurance Seminar on March 5-6 at CrossFit Central London.
This is a great event for any of your athletes and trainers looking to improve run performance,triathlon performance, training, improve on CF wods, or have an interest in getting signed up for a run race or a triathlon, or an Endurance race or event. We also cover many factors which impact performance.
On Friday evening there will be an Endurance War Tour presentation at CrossFit Central London at 1900.
There is no cost to attend this event.
Please invite your members and community to attend.
Here is a description of the event:
The battle wages! Come join CrossFit Endurance owners Brian MacKenzie and Doug Katona in this exclusive engagement. Meet the men behind CFE and hear the insider’s angle on elite athletic performance, power and speed. Topics will include CFE’s global growth plan, programming and training principles, elite strength and conditioning protocols and newly-developed performance nutrition. This is a 90-minute presentation with a reception to follow. It might be the only time to hear both of these guys in the same place!
We would love to have you, your members, and communities join us for 2 events of learning more about CrossFit Endurance.”

16 thoughts on “Endurance War Tour Presentation

  1. I’m confused by the tag line. “War tour” ??? Who is the war with? Crossfit mainsite? Globo gyms? Obesity? Sprinters? Are they also popping in on Afghanistan, Somalia and Tunisia? Is it supposed to be funny? Do they think Europe is is a gang-ho military woop as the US? I- am- confused.

  2. I think you’re taking it a little far…

    …I believe it’s a “war” against traditional LSD training (long slow distance). It’s about utilising Crossfit as a method of improving strength and combining this with short, heavy workouts to ultimately increase stamina and power and provide better results than running for hours on end…

  3. Worth going to listen and some interesting ideas. I’d be interested in your take on that protocol Andrew?

    Personally I’m not a big fan having experimented with it. My times were much better doing more traditional endurance training.

    They market it as an alternative training model for endurance athletes but looking at their own results (fairly mediocre to poor half marathon/marathon times, even worse ironman ones) this claim seems false. At best it would look like a useful addition to a programme for a crossfitter looking to take part in a race. Nothing wrong with this but they should say so.

  4. great points patrick. I keep on staggering around in an unresolved , conflicted circle. Crossfit prepares us for the unknown, but, an endurance race is a known event.

    For the elite runners i know, it would be impossible to stop them running because they love it: i know some people follow poor running schedules. I suspect that variety is important: different times, tempos, angles, terrains.

    but, what bothers me is the role of ” the event” in training or in the preparation for a performance. If you are an actor at the theatre, you practise the play scene by scene and then put it all together for the dress rehearsal. Rock groups practise “song by song” , even line by line ( or whatever the musical version of that is). They dont do a rock concert every week….. or do they? Many bands start off giving weekly performances ( the beatles did it every night in Germany)…. As a (former) fighter, I know the value of sparring, and it was an essential activity to spar rounds longer than your fight, and do more rounds than your planned fight, but it was sparring, not the real thing. I remember one of my coaches getting very worried that i was on the door incase i punched someone and broke my hand. Hmmmm. I can say one thing, sparring never felt like a real fight!

    But would my coach have planned a fight every saturday for me as “training”? Well you know.there are some that do: depends on how hard you intend to compete. So should a marathon runner do a marathon every week? Probably not, but i know some who do because its simply not an issue… for them (the bastards) its easy peezee

    So i think it depends where in the training/learning cycle you are. Some may need to start off by walking the marathon course, just to know they can cope with the distance, other may need to build up, others may be able to 400m in training, and then just run 25 miles on the day.

    so, my poor quality summary is to go back to Greg Glassmans “black box”. You are the experiment. If Long slow distance works for you, great, if not try something else: even if it does, pressure test your regime and mix it up and see what happens

    by Andrew. A confused runner of Bethnal Green.

    Ps, ill get there for 8.15 ish, so someone had better take notes!

  5. and another thing, especially for running. I chatted to a passionate crossfitter who calimed to have done a fast time, purely by following the main site wods. That was his training.

    what he didnt mention was that he ran to and from work ( 10 miles a day i think)… That was “getting to and from work” not “training”) so you have to look at schedules and ask, what assumptions is it making, are you sedentary or active, do you run/walk/cycle to work etc etc.

  6. As Andrew said…different things will work for different people.

    I’m not sure where you’ve seen all these “poor” times for events though, they have a large number of professional athletes and amateur ones who have listed their times as a result of their traditional training and their times after following CFE have all improved.

    Perhaps some of these poor results you’ve seen listed are on their site from amateur endurance athletes who have used the protocol and improved their times (which will not be comparable to elite times). There’s obviously going to be an element of bias as they control what goes on their site and I doubt they’d post athlete’s times which had decreased or were poor.

  7. Out of interest Patrick, what did you experiment with? The Crossfit Endurance Strength & Conditioning workouts and their additional CFE workouts? (I.e. Tabata runs/Time Trials etc)?

  8. just a point, the whole LSD v Short intensity has been in and out of fashion for years.

    check out

    Intervals, Thresholds, and Long Slow Distance: the Role of Intensity and Duration in Endurance Training by Stephen Seiler and Espen Tønnessen


  9. Well Andrew as I’ve already mentioned I will be there straight after the 5.30 class so I will try and take as many notes as possible and present them to you afterward.

  10. Hi guys. Just had the word from Andrew (who is away from laptop) that he’s knackered and won’t be attending tonight. Can whoever is going (Katarina? Si?) please offer the hosts Brian and Doug his apologies, if he doesn’t manage to do so himself between now and 7pm.

    Thanks chaps

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