First look at the new gym

06 Mar

We finally completed on the new gym on Friday. It’s another railway arch, about 3 times the size of what we currently have.

Address is 9 Malcolm Place E2 OEU.

It’s opposite the park, about 3 minutes from Bethnal Green tube, and we will be able to have some sort of bike store too.

We have a 2 month refit and will be moved over by 7 May. We are having a purpose built moveable 2 loo/2 shower room  complex manufactured off site, which means the existing third loo will become a

LLL, or, “lovely ladies Loo”.. mirror, hair dryer plug: loo with rose petals in the bowl….

Actually, people always asks us what makes Crossfit London UK unique? It is this. Our willingness to spend money on facilities to enhance the experience of our clients. It carries through to every aspect of what we do: from our ever-expanding range of classes, our home grown team of trainers supported by the Coaching Academy means we are always looking to better our standards of teaching.

Sure we have leading UK Crossfitters in our teaching team, but we don’t run personality cults. We work on an equal footing team so ensure everyone is valued and everyone is developed.

So we could have made do with one loo and no showers; some Crossfit facilities do just fine without any. We decided we wanted better standards in coaching quality, in the experience we offer and in the facilities we offer.

As Greg Glasman said “We’ve used the pursuit of excellence to guide our every move. For instance, when considering our last expansion, we couldn’t determine whether it would be financially feasible or not. The variables were too numerous and the assumptions too uncertain to convince any accountant of the wisdom of expansion. But when we asked the simple question, “Will it improve the quality of the programming and the training experience?” the answer was a resounding “yes”!

So we have expanded to a larger gym, not as part of an ego trip, but because it will enhance your training.




11 thoughts on “First look at the new gym

  1. Exciting news!

    I envisage imminent WODs such as “mix cement for time” and “[number of kettlebells at Arch 9] reps, weighted walking lunges, [distance from Arch 9 to 9 Malcolm Place] metres”.

    1. Sam, have you been reading March’s programming plan?

      Mixing cement brings back bad memories of moving into Gales Gardens a year ago. We said there would be a point in the future when we could look back and laugh. That point has not yet been reached…painful memories…

  2. I believe that, in true crossfit spirit, the LLL should be open to all. My only worry is that once the boys start faffing with their hair, they’ll never leave. Big thanks to Andrew and Steven for listening to my pleas for a hair dryer station 🙂

  3. Very exciting news, especially the size of the new place (and a hair dryer bonus, of course)!

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