WOD 30 March: Nasty Night

30 Mar

As always it doesn’t look that bad on paper.

10 pull ups,
10 dips
10 squat snatches

x 5.

I  hate to rip Phil Rolling off, but, arbitrary awards go to:

“Two times man” Colm, who did this WOD in the morning, and came back for a second dose in the evening,

“Top Girl” title  goes to Amelia who managed an “awful lots of unassisted kipping pull ups”

and finally, the “you should have learned by now” award goes to Phillip for the  “that will never take 20 minutes” comment…

Good stuff.

6 thoughts on “WOD 30 March: Nasty Night

  1. Probably the angriest I’ve been after a WOD, missed getting both the morning and afternoon WODS finished.

    1. Colm – on the plus side, your squat snatches (at least when I saw them at 0630) were really coming on well. Very nice technique and excellent depth in the squat.

  2. Squat snatches in a WOD don’t seem to come up that often, i feel as if i got schooled! in a fun way

  3. actually phil, i was surprised about the dips for quite a lot of people….. everybody, Mr and Mrs Dip are coming your way!

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