Posting Catch up. (I have a note!)

08 Mar

Today’s blog post will have to serve dual purpose for Sunday’s class as well as Tuesday’s.

Reason being, I was brought down by an insidious case of food poisoning. ( I have a note. It reads: Phil is a shade of green. Send him home. Dying on site means paperwork.)

And that’s when one of the benefits of training was made clear: the ability to recover quickly.

20 hours of sleep and proper hydration and I’m good as new. Pre Crossfit? Last time I had food poisoning I was out for three days. Good times.

Fun bonus: Don’t think of sleeping so much as taking time out to recover. Think of it as giving your body the opportunity to hunt down and kill the invader. Brutally.

(Sleeping has never been such a glee filled activity.)

And now on to blog post goodness.

Sunday we worked on the push jerk, a skill that usually has most people suffering horribly. Everyone got it quickly and efficiently, which means I had little to do except yell at people to make sure they were properly motivated.

The WOD was slightly more interesting.

Sunday’s WOD:

Emom 7 mins
3 80% 1RM deadlifts
rest 2-3 Mins
50 Pull ups
50 Ring Dips

I had expected the pull ups to be the major source of problems, but low and behold, everyone breezed through the pull ups. The ring dips, on the other hand, caused some major issues. Obviously, ring dips will be cycled in much more for the foreseeable future.


Tuesday: Today’s class had the dubious pleasure of learning how to prep for deadlifts and squats by using a box to stretch. The reaction was tears of joy. And lots of calls for “brisket.”

Our main skill work today was ring dip variations: Static holds, ring dips and muscle up transitions. The main goal being to find out where everyone stands and how much progress needs to be made. The only way to improve is to practice at what you struggle with so hop to it.

The WOD:

50 sit up Buy in
Pull ups

If time allows: 50 Ring dips finisher.

Fun fact: Unless you use your hip as aggressively as possible, the SDHP and the pull ups use the same general muscle chains. Which explains why everyone developed a look of confusion after the first set of pull ups. I could almost see the thought process: “Pull ups, easy. Nothing to it. Whoa. Wait a minute, they usually don’t hurt so badly so early in a workout.. oh oh..”

It was fun to watch.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. See you all on Sunday.

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