postponing badger

16 Mar

Maybe I lack commitment. My wavering about the 100 burpee challenge could be used as evidence of this, but, the more I think about it, the less I like the idea of badger for an open class. Its a very long slog with a high level of technical competency in the clean while very fatigued. So I’m steering off my “preparation” plan, and  I’m trying to strengthen those basic bits that we all need to strengthen, so, we began with an old fashioned pull up a pyramid , 1 to 8, 8 to 1.

Then some pressing strength development, folowed by a cruel little minx of a wod

21,15, 9, wait for it,thrusters, box jumps and sumo deadlift high pulls.

Well done everyone. But dont worry badger fans. Those who want to will be welcome to a special weekend badger fest that we will put in in about a months time, so keep on practising.

4 thoughts on “postponing badger

  1. What a huge relief! I must say I was not looking forward to Badger at all. And I don’t mind things like Filthy Fifty etc but Badger seems particularly gruelling.

    I will not be attending the ‘fest’! But good luck to those who do.

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