Running Night at Bethnal Green

29 Mar

The running club for non runners met up again this Tuesday. Once again the session consisted of drills for proper running technique, plus a short and sharp little running workout to wrap things up!

As with anything practicing these drills on a regular basis will yield results over time, please be patient with it as it takes drilling as well as some intense running to make the technique stick.

For hints on some of the basic drills, read here

As for the workout, the team had to establish how many shuttle runs of 10 metres they could do in a minute, then set themselves a target based on that. Over 5 rounds of 1 minute of work and a minute of rest, the runners aimed to hit their target consistently ( i.e. maintain a consistent pace). The consequence of missing your commitment I hear you ask? Burpees of course!

Props to Chris for pushing the envelope and setting himself the awesome target of 20 runs! You’re not pushing yourself if your not failing, and Chris racked up 7 burpees from 7 missed runs. Everyone else hit their targets with no penalty so I thought it was only fair that we all did Chris’s burpees along with him.

Next week will be talking about the concept of cadence and how it relates to running technique, and if weather allows getting in some longer runs around the park trying to set a 400m benchmark!

(A great session delivered by the Crossfit London UK Endurance team captain Efe)

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