The Crossfit London Uk Burpee Challenge Day 40 to 60

02 Mar

If you are reading this article you are probably still in the challenge.  Well done. I mean it. It’s going start being a big part of your day. Every day! You cannot afford to fall more than a day behind.  I remember once falling three days behind towards the end and had to do 250 to catch up. Not fun at all.

But now you are going to have to work at the variety. It’s important to get strong at these as well as fast if you are going for a sub 5 minute time.  For some of us just finishing 100 burpees will be enough, and it usually is.

Now is a good time to play with ladders.  Did you know that 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 add up to 55?  So that’s day 55 sorted.  Or try 5 every minute for 10 minutes or spin it for 10 burpees every minute for 5 minutes.  Very potent.  Make some days an easy day. Spread them out over the day. Make them part of a gentle warm up and cool down etc.  Try combinations. A set of 10 burpees, then 10 burpee box jumps then burpee pull-ups, burpee tuck jumps and brutal burpees. What are brutal burpees? A burpee with two press ups followed by a tuck jump.  You are only limited by your imagination.

But you need to take care of yourself. Wrist and shoulder pain can be common. Use a foam mat for your hands slow the decent down and reduce the impact.

After day 60 I will give you some tips on how to increase your speed and capacity to help day 100 feel like a breeze.


9 thoughts on “The Crossfit London Uk Burpee Challenge Day 40 to 60

  1. You guys should try extreme burpees. They are like brutal burpees but with a clap hand press up in between. I am coming to London soon and would love a chance to train with you guys.

  2. Today I had to do 63 and I really thought ‘burpees, you are getting to be a pain in the ass’. On the up side: I’ve increased my burpee speed by 1 to 1.5s/burpee compared to even 1 week ago. The down side: I will be doing burpees everyday in Ethiopia (at altitude!) and everyday while on vacation in Canada. blarg.

  3. James we will give you a warm welcome. Look us up and book online. Brie you are a trooper. Watch that altitude it can hit you very hard. Ease into it.

  4. I’m still stuck going very slow to prevent sore wrists etc. Plus I can’t actually do them fast and properly. So I’m just aiming to complete – none of this 100 sub five minutes madness… 😉

  5. Yes, I’m with you completely Rosie. I’m trying my best to do them properly as well and simply can’t do them fast at the same time! I too am aiming just to complete. Tonight I’ve had to have a little sit down in between each of my 5 sets of 7!

  6. There is going to be a “purge” at the coaching academy this afternoon, and even the suggestion that fast takes priority over form, will be bannished.

    Future awards will be tailored towards perfection. The value of a burpee (or the phases), from standing are
    lowering to a perfect heel down squat ( ie squat mobility) the jump back into a perfect plank, strengthens your handstand, and gets you to “open your hips, (think clean and snatch).

    Now a prefect push up, with your hands under your shoulders (strengthens the muscle up). Now a spring back to as near a perfect squat position,

    Now a drive into the air, FULL HIP EXTENSION, ideally with your hands touching a fixed point to ensure consistency, from the top, a fast drop into a perfect squat position ( think receiving in the Clean and snatch). That’s worth while loading into your nervous system, 100 bits of poor quality movement is a waste of time and retards the performance of our members.

  7. ‘A fast drop into a perfect squat position’. Now that is the part I have most trouble with especially having to do it continuously! Same as with my clean and snatch really! Oh well – keep practising!

    This morning did a ‘Burpee Sandwich’. 3 x 6 burpees with approx min in between each set, 7 x approx 100 metres sprints on local field, 3 x 6 burpees to finish. Nice!

  8. i am also a member of the ‘slow burpee’ club. my goal is to finish. and to not put my knees down.

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