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16 Mar

At long last an East london running club that 1)  deals with non runners and 2) teaches you how to run 3) does something more than say, “well its walking this week, jogging next week, then jog a bit faster” 4) is a mixture of Crossfit Endurance and POSE running techniques.

The sessions are led by Andrew ( Crossfit Endurance level 1 and POSE level 1) and Efe ( Crossfit  Endurance level 1) and X marine Tom (Crossfit Endurance level 1) and Trevor ( Crossfit Endurance level 1) and meets most Tuesdays at 6.30pm

For years,  so called running coaches have hidden behind the nonsense that everyone runs in a unique way and  they dont need any coaching.  From our point of view, running ,in the ideal early stages, needs to be taught as a technique in its own right, rather like, swimming, tennis, driving, writing, climbing, having (good) sex, urm, just like everything we do well.

Lets face it, we need to be taught how to wipe our own bums !

Every session we will go through the elements  of Proper running technique, with supporting drills for you to practise,  followed by a Crossfit Endurance WOD. It could  take over 12 sessions for you to understand  how to run properly so be patient with yourself as you learn. If you have been running 80 miles a week in a different fashion, you may never change, but at least you will get to evaluate your present running style. We take videos and critique your running style ( its all done nicely, with a cuddle)

here a few drills you may come across

1) Gravity is your friend

2) Movement is balance being destroyed (think broomstick )
3) Posture is the key!

The Figure 4… heel lifts straight up towards your bum, hip and knee flexes, foot stays relaxed.. lift and drop 

And to give you guys a sense of what it should feel like we covered three drills. Your legs should be nice and soft at the knees for all of these ( not the dreaded straight leg!)

1) Ball of foot hops. Nice straight back, head up, arms relaxed and close to the body. Hop on the ball of the foot allowing it to roll to your heel ( relaxed and happy feet) . THEN LEAN! Destroy balance then recover.

lean, don’t push to move forward 

2) Single leg pulls. PULL,  dont drive ,off the ground, knee should rise only a little, imagine your legs forming a nice figure 4. Alternate legs

single leg pulls 

3) Wall drill and then run: Set up with your posture, figure 4 leg pull etc against a wall. Lean at the ankles and NOT at the waist. Once you’ve got a nice rythem going run away from the wall for 20-30 metres.


We have specifically set up to try and help charity fun runners in an effort to reduce injuries and to make their worthy causes proud of them. Obviously this is ideal for “just getting fit”, and frankly, as injury rates for runners are currently at 85%, any thing has to be better than what passes as “training” at the moment.

The workouts, just so we have warned you, are short an intense, we are more likely to get you to run for  30 seconds very fast  ( or as fast as you can) 8 times, rather than watch you plod around the block. Its now established that “high intensity” is a crucial component to dealing with long races. Weird but true!

We meet at The Crossfit London  UK new HQ at 9 Malcolm Place E2 ( its a railways arch), but expect to train outside. We meet most tuesdays at 6.30pm

Running really is an out door sport. If it rains you will get wet! But you will have  a place for your bags!

Whilst this is part of the Crossfit London UK programme, anyone may come to theses sessions, but you need to pay and book on line 1st.This deals with your health and safety screening and basic record keeping to keep you safe.

To do the full Crossfit programme you need to attend our beginners sessions ( as we need to teach you how to clean, and deadlift and snatch and kettlebell blah blah). Coming to the running  sessions, does not mean you can blag your way into our main classes, but we will be delighted to have you, once you have  finished your beginners sessions.

Until April, the new venue will be without showers. You can buy individual sessions or a carnet of tickets, or if you are a regular member of Crossfit London UK , this appears as part of your package.

To get started, hit the Getting Started Button ( you can find the FAQ here with stuff  about prices, terms and conditions etc etc)

Here are some more thought to get you going


7 thoughts on “The running club for non-runners

  1. Funnily enough I meant to quiz you about Pose the other day! Good to see this up and running again! (Wayhay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  2. Also…this video is a bit contradicting to what we know about good running technique and what CFE preaches…

    They say you should increase your stride length to cover more ground…but surely the more you increase your stride length the further your foot will be out infront of you and behind you on each stride? Thus reducing your cadence and increasing chance of injury…

  3. Good running technique doesn’t necessarily mean POSE. The percentage of runners who run that way is tiny. At elite level it is pretty much non existent.

    Runners have different stride lengths. There is no right or wrong stride length.

    I dont really think the increased stride length de facto increases your risk of injury any more than running strict pose would cause you to have an achilles injury.

    My two cents.

  4. great comments.The club we will be based on pose, and CFE but theres no obligation to run that way. the only obligation is to evaluate technique and think about what you are doing.

    We are lining up lots of guest vistors ( some highly ranked in running) who will share how they run, we have some ultra runners, a 400m runner, we already have sub 3 hour marathon runners in our group. lots to learn. The important thing is that we will have strategies for all, and lots of proper debate.

  5. Yep agree with what you’re saying regarding elite level runners Patrick…virtually no-one at that level seems to use it.

    …and of course different runners will have different stride lengths…leg length and other factors will always vary.

    I was addressing the foot landing way out in front of a runner (usually more likely if the stride length is increased)…this has been pretty much proven to increase injury due to the force the quads and musculature surrounding the kneecap have to absorb. (It’s even addressed in this video)

    Looking forward to meeting some of these guests!

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