Toms first WOD 18 March: Crossfit Games Open

22 Mar


This friday night saw  Tom take over at Crossfit london!

We based the WOD around this weeks Crossfit Games Open workout :

10 min AMRAP
30 double unders
15 Power Snatch

We took a good amount of time on a sequence of Snatch build up drills with the bar to really zone in on the basic technical stages of the full squat snatch! Then all we had to do was minimise it to create a nice technical and efficient Power Snatch! This followed with some interesting double under tactics and questionable wrist mobility!

Great to see such efficient Power Snatches throughout the workout, really putting those drills into practice!

Good Job everyone! Especially Vince and Edd who really improved their Full squat snatch in that small amount of time! We also had Wes and Ryan participating in the CF Games Open and walking away with their scores to submit to HQ!

Skill to build: DOUBLE UNDERS!

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