WOD 10 Mar: Super Squatters

10 Mar

Not the move into your house when you’re on holiday and change the locks kind, but the other kind. Yes we hit the back squat today and the technique displayed was top notch.

The session began with various drills to work depth of the squat, work the range at the ankle and get the important squatting muscles firing.

Strength component was back squat 5-5-5+.

Skill work for today was false grip hangs or chins.

And the finisher. A little experiment on my part – I’d seen this on videos and it looked like fun so I threw it at this morning’s classes asking for 30 reps each. Go TEAM!

Take one Overhead Squat...
... add two weights dangling by some rubber bands...
... and squat. Be wary of the wobble!

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  1. I like it Chris! I’ve seen people bench before with a similar set up, but hanging kettlebells off either side.

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