WOD 10th March Big Fat Catch Up

11 Mar


I have a lot of catching up to do having fought with lap tops taking too long and tech guys giving me false information, so having given up on technology and not wanting to miss any more postings I am gritting my teeth and trying not to let my frustrations with computers get the better of me.

Let me take you back to the beginning of March. The 3rd to be precise.

A load of you rocked up looking for a good time only to be faced with a scaled Gym Jones workout as a warm up……….

Kb suitcase deadlift 25

Box Jump  25

All that x3 for a nice little warm up.

We took some time out to practise dumbell snatches which for most of the crew was a new slant on the snatch. Not scared of a challenge you all quickly picked up the nack. Leading us nicely into a sweet little WOD from the main site which I scaled to fit our gym.

50 DB snatches

2x block runs

36 DB snatches

2x block run

20  DB snatches

Phew I know you guys love to run and since the weather is brightening up why not?!

We have need to jump to Monday 7th March. I had my own plan for today but upon arriving to teach Steve’s morning crew at 7.30 I thought ‘what a nice WOD’ so scraped my plan in favour of Steve’s.

Here goes….

Starting with Back squats 2×5 and 1×5+

With a skills time out of hand stand push ups, We used mats as progressions and saw some awesome work. Well done Jeff!

Steve had chosen a mean met con!

50 sit ups to buy in

4 rounds of

12 pull ups

24 barbell hops


Cash out of 50 sit ups!

Double Phew!

This leads us up to date with last night.

10th March.

Today’s delights didn’t go quite to plan. The WOD was practised by myself and Ameilia the day before and gave me a rough guide of between 15-20 minutes which I thought was more than enough.

I am not sure if me and Ameilia were running on crazy juice but only Cindy out of 2 well attended classes got through the 3 rounds. Well done Cindy.

I spoke with Steve about this at the morning class today and Colm had a good point to make. Does watching the class ahead of you tackle the WOD make you feel less able or defeated before the class has started? If everyone had watched me, Cindy and Ameilia getting through the WOD have given more confidence???? I wonder……………….

So what did we do I hear you ask!

Firstly we looked at our new Crossfit London burpee standard. Some like it and some didn’t. We are goingto have to stuck it up guys, there is a method to our madness and when we have got used to the new ways the benefits will show in our technique across the board.

I wanted to prove that higher numbers were possible in the 10 minute military snatch test. So I cunningly disguised some snatches in a seemingly innocent ladder.

10-1-10 only rule was each number was to be completed on each arm.

For most of the guys who had previously only reached 180 snatches in the 10min test were able to smash there target in less then 10 minutes showing me and themselves that next time we can do more!

So on to the formidable WOD

3 rounds of

50 pull ups

21 deadlifts

Weights for the deadlifts ranged from 30kg for Cindy, Ameilia with 50kg to 70kg with Sam, Simon and Pat.

It was grip that suffered the most here and callus’s were opened again. This one didn’t look that bad but I guess looks can be deceiving. This was taken from the main site September 2008.

Well done guys. I hope you don’t cure my name too much.

To find out how I got on with this WOD check out


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