WOD 15 & 17 Mar: Little Balls of Pain

17 Mar

Into the second week of the morning strength collaboration as Stephen and I continue to implement a Greyskull inspired strength programme.

It was squats (5-5-5+) again on Tuesday morning and deadlifts (5-5-5+) and weighted chins (5-5-5+) today.

So I do enjoy my mobility drills (been a bit of a Starrett fan for quite some time as many of us are) and I’m always banging on about rest too. If you can rush back into your second, third or whatever set after a minute then it probably isn’t a proper working set. For strength your rest should be somewhere in the region of 3 to 5 minutes. So why not combine both these things… and that’s what I did today.

Cue my new Lacrosse balls – or ze balls of pain. Everyone had a go with them in between sets to hit knots and adhesions in those tight little muscles of ours. They look pretty unassuming don’t they? But a world of pain awaits you.

Sally also made it to the Thurs session – make sure to check out her blog as she continues to comment on training through her pregnancy. Also make sure to check out the CrossFit London Flickr account, I’m trying to regularly post all the photos from my sessions there. Go TEAM!

5 thoughts on “WOD 15 & 17 Mar: Little Balls of Pain

  1. Its quite hard switching into the mentality of waiting inbetween sets as you trying to pause as little as possible during WODs

  2. Bollox I knew I was going to miss deadlifts! Anyways folks if your struggling to find lacrosse balls get down to your local pet shop and get the hard rubber doggie balls perfect for MFR lots of nice colours too!

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