WOD 24th March Burpee Challenge Covered!

25 Mar

I must be getting soft now I am a married women as I was feeling in a generous mood with you horrible lot tonight.

After following the strength program from this morning of back squats I had a lovely main site WOD up my sleeve full of Burpees!

First the back squats.

We run through mobility to start with, getting joints ready for action.

Warm up sets were as follows:


Weight added

Weight added

Working sets consisted of 2×5 and 1×5+

I gave 4 minute rest in between sets where athletes had the choice of chin ups.

Now for the fun bit.

The main site WOD was from Tuesday this wk. It went like this……………

70 Burpees

60 Sit ups

50 Kb Swings

40 Pull ups

(30 HSPU We saved the HSPU for the advanced members of the class)

Well Done to everyone a mention to Sammy with an impressive squat weight verses body weight. Whoop for the girls.


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