WOD 29 & 31 Mar: My Quads Are On Fire

31 Mar

Tuesday Session

It was a ‘kill-me-now-not-another-squatting-movement’ kind of affair on Tuesday, we followed up the strength component with a metcon containing full cleans. And a little finisher: a 3 min squat test. Burn little quads, BURN.

Mobility: table makers, deep lunges and clean drills

Strength: back squat 5-5-5+

Metcon: 4 Rounds: 10 cleans, 20 pull ups

Finisher: 3 min squat test

Thursday Session

Lots of strength on today’s session and finishing off with a nasty little finisher. Some good work on the snatch balances or for those that needed it just a few overhead squats to polish up on this movement.

Mobility: arm/neck circles, dislocations, leg swings, overhead squats

Strength: deadlift 5-5-5+ and weighted chins 5-5-5+

Skill: snatch balance 3-3-3

Finisher: catapillar hold tabata


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