WOD 29 Febuary 400 Lovely Reps

01 Mar

Its called 400 reps because in total you do 400 reps…not brain science.

I did a test run of the WOD and feeling generous I counted up the burpee’s for your challenge -75 in total. I got a bit carried away and begun counting how many reps drills included that we would complete. As the number rose I became determined to hit 400. Adding a final finisher to hit target.

Here is how it went….

8-1-8 Kb swing/burpee Ladder

Front squat/push press drill (ladder format)

10  8  6  4  2

2   4  6  8  10

Finishing drills with a practise of 10 thrusters.

Not one to forget how taxing a SDHP can be mid WOD we ran through the finer points and did a quick 3 reps to satify the coach in me.

Now time for the WOD .

5 Thrusters

7 Hang Power Cleans


I wanted 8 rounds!

Just to round up the reps nicely we did

12 K2E – 12 Tommy Yules

12 sit ups – 12 K2E

Lovely job by all Whoop

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