WOD 2 March: Badger Preparation

03 Mar

The crossfit.com wod, Badger, is a hero workout.

3 rounds of

30 X 40kg squat cleans
30 Pull ups
800m run

It takes most people 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

Whilst there is a temptation to throw this workout at the Crossfit London crew out of the blue, we thought we would have a lead in period of 4 Wednesdays, to give everyone the chance of developing the motor pattern that would mean they could safely handle a workout that involved 90 squat cleans.

So here is our first evening of Badger preparation:

15 squat cleans
15 pull ups
470m  run
AMRAP 30 minutes,

followed by a reduced weight, high rep, 30 squat cleans, “for the motor pattern”!

Well done everyone


10 thoughts on “WOD 2 March: Badger Preparation

  1. Sounds great – I’m away for a few weeks but hopefully I’ll be back in time for the full WOD

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