WOD 3 Mar: Easy On Paper

03 Mar

Easy on paper. That’s what makes the finisher, sorry, The Finisher so great. They look so unassuming, so harmless. I mean, a finisher? Just a little token gesture to send you all on your way. And then whallop.

We began with some scapular wall slides, band dislocations and scapular push ups to prep the shoulders for what followed: weighted chins 5-5-5-5-5-5-5 or assisted chins 5-5-5-5-5-5 + one set of five negatives to finish.

Then on to the skill work – double unders today. Now the first group all had a double under (and got through the pull up work relatively quickly) so there was time for tabata double unders.

That was the finisher right? Sorry Team 7am but the finisher was still to come. Rows and handstand holds – one person rows (300m for the guys, 200m for the girls) while everyone else does handstand holds and then swap until everyone has rowed.

Over right? Unfortunately not, there was still time for one more parting gift. Kettlebell/dumbell thrusters from one end of the gym to the other… and back! I gave Team 8am the choice of the three finishers, deviously disguised by some mystery name and they went for the thrusters. As wise Ruairi mused: “on paper that one looked easy”. Indeed. Go TEAM!

Row-sie. Geddit?
Oh oh oh, c'mon and do the (thruster) conga!

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  1. Thanks. I intend to call her Row-sie from now on and she’ll never know. I’ll just titter to myself quietly.

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