WOD 8 Mar: Shoulder Soldiers

08 Mar

Shoulder Soldiers – bet you can’t say that five times quickly.

The Tuesday morning mobility was an array of shoulder drills including the usual dislocations, overhead squats, and scapular push ups. In addition there was a few new ones to try out on the guys all inspired by strength coach Eric Cressey (who is known for his expertise with shoulder health), including broomstick pec mobilisation drill, reach, roll and lift, and the sleeper stretch.

This week sees a the weekday morning sessions come together to provide our early risers with a fully complementary and cohesive strength programme. Steven began yesterday with back squat and I took on overhead press today (5-5-5+).

Then on to the metcon, simple and straightforward: 5 rounds of 15 front squats and 400m run. The alternative to the run was a 400m row for injured Alex and Helen or expectant Sally – please check out her blog for her own take on today’s session.

For those who had time we finished with some Starrett inspired impingement/capsule work to reset those shoulders. Go TEAM!

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