WOD March 01: How to get a reaction out of athletes.

01 Mar

Standards have dropped.

To clarify. In the past few weeks, reps have gotten sloppy. Worst part being? When called out on it, all athletes would immediately get a look of absolute betrayal at being chastised, and then would complete another rep that was perfectly up to the standards they should be. They knew that last rep was bad, they just kept going anyway.

I blame myself. I’ve gotten too relaxed. I’ve coddled everyone a little too much.

Obviously, it was time to tighten the thumbscrews.

I started out with a nice easy lesson plan. Push Jerk and a time capped Angie to make sure everyone focused on the quality of the reps instead of finishing.

The reason for the cap was explained. The sloppy reps were explained.
Lo and behold: A challenge was issued by the athletes.

Give us the time we need, and we’ll finish that damn workout the way you want it done.

Challenge accepted.

Challengers, meet Angie.
100 Pull ups
100 Push ups
100 Sit ups
100 Squats

The rules:
No Bitching.
No Cheating.

Missed reps get a warning. More missed reps gets scaled down.

A light mobility warm up and everyone jumped straight to it.

The result?

Everyone stepped up their game. Reps were done up to par. Multiple athletes finished. Any time anyone slipped and I mentioned it, they immediately corrected.

The standards are back up to where they need to be. All is well.

A big Congratulations to Sally, who recently found out she’s pregnant! Congrates Sally!

You’ll see her pop into more weekly classes with some of the regular coaches in the upcoming weeks. In addition, she’s documenting her progress here and (of course) has only good things to say about her training sessions. Case in point.

Gentlemen: If you ever get the urge to quit a session or skip a few days of training, remember that Sally is out there. Probably kicking your ass. While pregnant. You have no excuse.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Self Preservation Fail.” To Kirsty, Simon, Philip, and everyone else who tore a callus. The age old question: Protect my hands? Or do better on the WOD..

“Highly motivated.” To Sophia, Joe, Stephen and the other athletes who finished. Nothing is quite as motivating as getting to put a coach in his place. Well done.

“False sense of security.” To Lauren. Because I had something resembling a sense of humor, Lauren assumed that I wouldn’t be evil. Once we had clarified that this was not the case, I earned a brilliant new nickname.

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  1. Sorry Steven, not guilty! I was just referencing the nickname Lauren gave to Phil…and he loved it!

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