WOD March 13th: PR’s and Cleans

13 Mar

Sunday was a good day.

I had to wake up really early because of the tube changes, commuting was a pain and I hadn’t trained in a week because I was still feeling a little under the weather.

And then I PR’d on today’s WOD, Elizabeth.


Cleans @ 60KG

Ring Dips

First time I tried it more then 10 months ago, it took me more then 17 minutes to finish.

Sunday I did it in 9:09.

Never one to selfishly withhold my joy, both classes did Elizabeth as well. The first class did some scaling down but still maintained a good balance between weight and intensity, with a few finishing in under 10 minutes. The second class underestimated themselves a bit on the cleans but still kept both form and intensity up.

Well done to everyone. See you Tuesday.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Hangover Cure.” To Sam. As Sam well stated, the best way to recover from a hangover is to come to Crossfit for a really intense WOD. You’ll suffer like mad, regret the drinks from the night before, and then an hour later you’ll be good as gold.

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