WOD March 15: 15 for the 15th.

15 Mar

Note: Sunday’s class will be given at the new gym with no equipment. It’s a small workshop that will focus on bodyweight and sprint training. If you’ve ever gone on vacation and thought, “I can’t train because I only have a floor.” then this is a class you need to do.

Todays class started off with a little test:

5 Turkish Get ups per side, minimal weight.

I wanted to see who knew how to perform the Turkish get up, and I wanted to see if I could spot any general issues from it. The result? I learned quite a bit. Turns out a very small proportion of people can perform complex motor movements on their non dominate side.

Who can forsee Turkish Get up practice in their future?

We moved on to some pull up and toes to bar practice before attacking a short squat clean wod. (My pre WOD warm up.) 4 Squat cleans every minute on the minute for 5 minutes. Nothing too hard but enough to get everyone working.

Then came the WOD:

20 Min AMRAP

15 Deadlifts @ 50% 1RM

15 Push ups

In a word?


The deadlifts killed everyone. The amount of reps meant that sooner or later, form would fail. The key was being able to properly load up the hamstrings to avoid putting any weight on the back. It also served as a way to demonstrate tight hamstrings. If your back felt like it was going to explode post WOD, odds are you need to work on your hamstring mobility.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Rookie of the night.” To Martin. The newest addition to Crossfit London, he is the kind of athlete the big guys are going to have to keep an eye on.

“First time Surviror.” To Jeff. Who braved his first official class with us tonight.  Not the easiest class to walk into but he survived brilliantly. Well done.

“West Coast Rival.” To Bert. Who visited us from Vancouver, immediately getting some “Montreal vs. Vancouver East coast West coast” rivalry jokes from yours truly. A great sport and good athlete. Plus I got an awesome shirt!

The West Coast Rival!
The West Coast Rival!

“Girl Power.” To Sophia. For being the only girl in the 7:30 class and showing the boys how it’s done.

“Fog Generators.” To the 7:30 Class. For generating so much steam that it was like a low hanging cloud in the gym.

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