WOD: March 20th: Bodyweight Only

20 Mar

With the i-Course being given at the main gym this Sunday, I was given full run of the new gym for my morning class.

The constraint: No equipment.

It’s kind of like being on vacation. All you have is a floor and a watch. What do you do?

Warm up: A dynamic stretching session based on the one by Chris Spealler and then outside to run sprints in the park. A few runs and everyone was feeling great. And by “great” I mean, everyone realized that they really need to sprint more. 😛

Then it was off to the greatest asset to any Crossfitter stranded without a box or equipment:

The Kid’s Playground.

Monkey bars, slides, and soft mats to make sure you don’t get injured when you face plant.

What more could you want?

It’s also a very humbling experience: Watch little kids mess around on the monkey bars. Now you try to do it.They make it look easy and now we have to suffer for hours to get back to that level.

Strength progressions came in the form of changing levels and the dynamics of more traditional movements. Scalability is key. Pull ups became more active movements, with climbing and lateral pulls. Push ups became planche progressions and clapping pushups. Squats became pistols.

The fun part was the workout: There are a dozen ways to train power output while traveling, but one of the simplest ways in with Annie. Don’t have a jump rope? Tuck jumps are your friend:


Travel Annie:


Tuck jumps

Sit ups

The advantage of travel Annie, is that you can power through the tuck jumps without getting stuck if you’re bad at double unders. The disadvantage, is that because you don’t get a small break if you miss, and the tuck jump is a much less efficient movement then the double under jump, it’s surprisingly taxing. It’s a great option if you have no equipment, and no open space.

Now, you have no excuse not to train when you travel.

See everyone Tuesday.

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