WOD: March 22nd. Deadlifts. Then, more Deadlifts..

21 Mar

Note: Remember that there’s a Squat clinic given this weekend on Saturday. Need to tweak your squat? (Yes you do. Trust me.) Then sign up here.

Because of the i-Course, we had a bunch of new people come in to class tonight. Hence, it was time to retest our Deadlift 1RM.

And what a retest it was.

PR’s were had all around, we hit multiple bodyweight lifts, some were even heavier and we had one 200KG lift as well. All very impressively done.

The workout was in two parts.

Part one: Calibration

Take 70% of 1RM

Every Minute on the Minute: 2 Deadlifts.

Then 1 min rest.

Part 2: WOD

5 rounds

3 Deadlifts,

6 Push ups

9 Tuck jumps


50 pull ups for time.

Working to a new Deadlift 1RM for the class was necessary, both because we had a large group of relatively new athletes, and because some of our athletes found that they couldn’t hit the same numbers they normally could. Once the new 1RM was set, the first set of 10 was used to make sure form could be maintained at low intensity. The 5 rounds for time were the actual workout, and seeing where people struggled helps determine whether there is a strength component missing, or a conditioning component missing.

The 50 pull ups were my own little way of keeping everyone on their toes.

Well done to everyone and see you Sunday.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Horrible liar.” To Gareth. Who swore, with kind of conviction you can build on, that he was absoluetly sure that his 1RM deadlift was 180KG. And then proceeded to lift 200KG.

“Most surprised.” To Harriet, Erin, Kate and everyone else who pulled out a PR on their deadlifts. Well done. You’re always the most surprised and it’s hilarious to watch.

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  1. It’s amazing what weight you can stand up with some strong peers and great motivation around you. Awesome session Phil

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