WOD March 29: Decending ladders and Squat cleans.

29 Mar

Ah, the Humble Tuesday.

Not as bad as Monday. No quite as far down the week as Wednesday. Everyone is still fresh and excited about training.

Obviously the best time to engage in all out soul crushing.

After some light mobility of hip and shoulder prep we got on to the seriousness.

2×5 and 1×5+ of shoulder press. Nice and easy. The chance to lull everyone into a false sense of security. Shoulder press? HA! Laughable Phil. Your softness knows no bounds.

Obviously, you underestimate me.

Mini WOD:

On the first min, 5 reps then 4 second min, down to 1 rep.

Weighted pull ups

Weighted Ring Dips

Low and behold, the horror: Weighted ring dips? What!?

And while everyone is still reeling:


12 min AMRAP

7 Squat Cleans

7 Push ups

Short, sweet and brutal.

I had been a little over zealous with my squat clean weight and spend a good portion of my time trying to remember how to breath. Excellent fun. Scaling down the weight didn’t help anyone because that just meant they could do more work, faster. Normally a good thing, but with squat cleans, not so much. Plus, 12 minutes is a short enough time that you figure you can breath when you’re finished.

Post WOD? The gym looked like a massacre and I had reaffirmed my title of tyrant.

My work here is done. See everyone Sunday.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Clean Fail.” To Efe. For having a child like glee in throwing chalk on the floor after he trained. Which lead to a “Chalking the floor is not cleaning.” discussion. (Still hilarious.)

“Bringing back the Hood.” To Joe and Simon. For “Flavor Flav”-ing it up on the weighted pull ups and ring dips. Best use of a rappers name as a verb.

“Not so Gumby are we?” To Adrienne. Apparently the only female at Crossfit London who isn’t inherently flexible, much to the delight of all of the guys (myself included.) who have to suffer every time we hip prep for anything.

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