WOD Sat 26th & Mon 28th Post Catch up

29 Mar

On Saturday I had the responsibility of leading Colin’s classes.

I didn’t want to disappoint his faithful Saturday crew so I decided to keep it simple but still challenging.

I begun the sessions with a few mobility drills in the glorious spring weather.

Samson walking lunges, lunges + shoulder rotations, heel to bum kicks, backward jogs, finished with a sprint.

Moving into the gym we blitzed some pvc overhead squats and grabbed the racks.

Our session today comprised of Overhead squats and Fronts Squats at maximal strength.

We begun with Overhead squats.

3 warm ups sets – barx5, 3 with some weight, 3 with some more weight.

Our working sets were 5×1. Since it was unlikely for many to have a precise max strength we allowed ourself to add as needed throughout the working sets. Rest was set at 2 minutes between sets.

Continuing the theme we followed this with front squats again 5×1.

As we had a better idea of our limits with front squats there was not much adding on through the working sets. Rest was more like 3 minutes.

The girls did particularly well with their overhead squats, making good gains and Ed producing some really well improved overhead squats (they have never been his fave)

On to Monday.

With so much excitement going on in my house at the moment I hope you can forgive me for using the same morning program Steve had set.

His warm up was a lovely ladder of push press (bar) and push ups on a barbell.

The barbell push ups required more stability and nerve to ensure the barbell stayed put.

Pressing was again on the cards with that clean for fun.

Sets were as follows 2×5 and 1×5

Ronnie did really well smashing her previous target of 12.5kg by miles.

Skill practise followed with some window wipers. With most not quite there yet we did some spotting so at least the body got an idea of what it’s working toward. Not content with just that we did a few L holds on the rings.

Steve left the best till last……a spot of tabata front squats. Lovely after burning quads from the L holds.

Think all can safely say they loved the Tabata front squats Whoop.

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